The Southern Eagle Squadron is an AMA Chartered Radio Controlled Flying Club. Our field is located in the North Central Florida town of Lady Lake.  The history of the Southern Eagle Squadron [SES] dates back to the mid 1970’s. SES is an active club with membership in excess of 150. The club leadership continuously arranges various events throughout the year including Club Meetings, Swap Meets, Social Gatherings (otherwise known as Food/Fly days), Fly-ins, and Family Days. SES cooperates with other local clubs in event planning as well. 

SES members regularly fly at our field from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, year round, weather permitting. All types of RC Aircraft are flown at our field including Electric, Nitro/Gas, and Multi-Rotor. The only limitation is: No fire i.e. No turbines.

We take pride in the facilities our membership has built over the years. We have well-maintained flight safety stations with staging [pit] tables behind the flight stations. Our guest pavilion is equipped with chairs, an AC/DC charging station, and ceiling fans. We also have a flight training room equipped with a modern flight simulator to help new pilots learn how to fly.

SES is an AMA Chartered club. As such, we respect and try our best to follow safety guidelines promulgated by the AMA. We are incorporated in the State of Florida as a Not-for-Profit organization and hold AMA Charter #1707.  


SES in December – Yep, it’s this nice.

Our Bylaws